I can’t help but criticise Channel 4

Even Jon Snow looks disappointed that the graphics team have mucked up the text in the graphic behind him.

I can’t take the credit for spotting this, it was the missus who made me pause the Sky+ and go back to check the spelling on the graphic for last night’s segment about BT being criticised for exaggerating its broadband speeds.

The advert, which was broadcast last year and featured Adam being shown around a house by an estate agent, while his partner, Jane, surfed the web at home, prompted 17 complaints including objections from BSkyB, Virgin Media and TalkTalk. Among the complaints were that the speed at which Jane was shown navigating web pages was faster than anyone could achieve at any connection speed.

The ads for BT feature Adam and Jane and we have been able to watch them as their relationship develops. The latest twist was that BT allowed viewers to choose the direction that the ad’s storyline takes. This ended up with a pregnant Jane, as requested by over 1.15 million votes. With that many people having a had in the pregnancy, it’ll cause the Child Support Agency a headache if we ever choose that they should split up!

P.S. I’ve checked and checked this post for spelling mistakes but fate demands there will be an error somewhere. Hit me in the comments about any spelling or grammar blunders.

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